Size: 100 g


Indian gooseberry or amla is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. It has been a common ingredient in the ancient Indian medicinal practice of Ayurveda. This fruit ripens in the autumn in wet, forested, hilly areas on the India. In India it is considered a sacred tree.

  • Amla enhances food absorption,
  • Balances stomach acid,
  • Fortifies the liver,
  • Nourishes the brain and mental functioning,
  • Supports the heart,
  • Strengthens the lungs,
  • Regulates elimination of free radicals,
  • Enhances fertility,
  • Helps the urinary system,
  • Increases skin health,
  • Promotes healthier hair,
  • Acts as a body coolant,
  • Flushes out toxins, increases vitality, strengthens eyes, improves muscle tone and, acts as an antioxidant.
 How to Use:
  • One of the most effective ways to add amla to your diet is to juice it and have it with water every day on an empty stomach.
  • It clears your system, aids in digestion, helps in maintaining clear skin, healthy hair and good eyesight. You can make a murabba with either whole fruits or grated amla.
  • You could also make a pickle that is tangy and spicy.
  • In case you prefer a drink, you can choose Amlana, which is a cool appetizer, or an amla-ginger punch.