Ambala Hawan Samagri (For Pooja)

Size: 150 g


Havan Samagri (a blend of different dried homegrown, roots and leaves) is offered in the blazing fire which spreads in smaller scale shape, noticeable all around, to purge the earth other than enacting the air as a disinfectant germicidal agent. It is antibacterial and is produced using high-quality raw herbs.


When the samagri burns in the fire, it lets out smoke and fragrance which purifies the environment and is said to be anti-bacterial if the quality of the material is fine. It is not just the samagri but also the material of the vessel which is most of the time made of copper.

How to use:

Start the fire in the havan kund with the help of camphor. Chant Gayatri mantra and add word Swaha in the end and offer ghee with a spoon into havan kund and ask other family members to add a pinch of Havan samagri from right-hand finger avoid using forefinger. You can do this 11, 21, 51, or 108 times as per your wish.