Annam Castor Oil

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Size: 250 ml

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One of the most versatile carriers of base oil – Castor Oil is a deep moisturizing & conditioning agent. It is beneficial not only for hair, skin & nails, but also helps in nourishing scalp & lips, making cuticles healthy, aiding the growth of eyebrows/eyelashes, and fighting skin infections such as ringworm, dandruff, etc.

Suitable for all skin & hair types, the oil is free of any additives, toxins, or harmful chemicals such as Mineral Oils, Silicones, etc.


Nourishes Hair, Moisturizes skin, Strengthens Nails 


Pure Castor Seed Oil Extracted From Castor Seeds Undiluted & Unrefined Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis)

How to Use:

  • For Hair: Apply oil on the tip of your fingers and rub it gently on the scalp to let it penetrate into the roots of your hair.
  • For Skin: Apply 3-4 drops on a clean face for hydrating the skin and leave overnight for the reduction of dark spots/scars. It can also be used as a body massage oil.
  • For Nails: Generously apply oil on your nails and cuticles and cover all little corners to boost nail growth.