Black Rose Natural Henna (Kali Mehandi)

Size: 50 g

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Black Rose is a Black Hair Dye powder that is made from Henna to cover the gray hair. It is one of the biggest selling Henna hair dyes in India. It contains PPD, which is a chemical compound and has anti-oxidation properties.

PPD is considered safe for hair and scalp.


Henna nourishes the hair. Amla and Shikakai make the hair smooth, silky and shiny. The whole process of coloring the hair is simple and time saving. It can be used on all types of hair and gives you the confidence that you need.

How to Use:

  • Take out one of the sachets of Black Rose Kali Mehandi.
  •  Cut one corner of it with a scissor and pour the contents in a dish
  •  Add water three times of the powder to make the paste.
  •  See that the paste should not be too thick or too thin so that it can be easily applied to the hair.
  •  Apply the paste on the hair with the brush dividing hair into small segments.
  •  After five minutes, comb the hair so that the paste can reach every part of hair.
  •  Leave the paste for 30 minutes to let the color develop.
  •  Wash hair with lukewarm water and massage around the hairline to avoid staining on the skin.