Double Deer Zeera/Jeera Rice

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Size: 1 kg


Jeera rice or Zeera rice is an Indian dish consisting of rice and cumin seeds. It is a popular dish in North India and Pakistan as an everyday rice dish. It is easy to prepare, unlike biryani. "Zeera" is the Hindi word for cumin seeds, often pronounced Jeera. The ingredients used are rice, cumin seeds, vegetable oil, onions, and coriander leaves.

Double Deer is one of Kirorimal Kashirams successful brand which involves the processing, packing and marketing of basmati Rice, zeera samba rice, premium long grain rice and other premium rice varieties.

They procure the highest quality of basmati right from the Himalayan foothills through their strong procurement network. Double Deer Basmati is aged for 24 months before it is ready for consumption.