Double Horse Vadi Matta Rice - Long Grain

Size: 5 kg

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The luxuriously long grained, and spear shaped Rice in this 5 Kg bag has been put through a sortex machine in the course of its milling journey, to ensure that all black tips and specks are banished from each and every grain of rice.
Vadi Matta
Nutritional facts:
  • Energy--347cal/1458kj
  • Protein--7g
  • Total Carbohydrate--79g
  • Total Fat--0g
  • Dietary Fiber--0g
  • Calcium--220mg
  • Cholestrol--0mg
  • Sodium--9mg
  • Total Sugar--0g
  • Trans--0g
  • Saturated--0g
How to Use:
This sortex rice can be used for parties and other festive purposes to create a well presented meal that invokes the awe of your guests.
It can be boiled in water or cooked in the pressure cooker.