Gajanan Chaat Masala

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Chat Masala is a spice mix for salads. Chat Masala is a necessary seasoning in Indian cuisine. This alluring tart, spicy, peppery and salty mix of spices is used to improve the flavor of all from fruits to flavorful snacks. 

Gajanan Chaat masala made with the purest amchur, anardana, and other vital ingredients to Chaat Masala will give you the authentic taste of street food. This magic blend gives the extra punch to your favourite chaats.


Iodised Salt, Dried Mango Powder, Black Salt, Cumin, Kachri, Coriander Seeds, Black Pepper, Pomegranate Seeds, Mint, Red Chillies, Dried Ginger, Bishops Weed, Nutmeg, Cloves, Caraway, Asafoetida.