KumKum Sindhoor

Size: 20 g


Sindoor is a traditional vermilion of the color red or orange-red usually worn by married women from Indian along the part of their hair. In most Hindu communities, the use of a sindoor usually indicates a woman is married, and not wearing a sindoor signifies widowhood .

This is the oldest form of sindoor, and it is also the most popular variety of sindoor. The powdered sindoor is kept in a round pot called a sindoor daani. Fingers are used to apply the sindoor to the parting of the hair or on the forehand. The product now comes in a beautiful tube packaging and a thin stick for convenient application. The powdered form of sindoor can fall on the face depending on the variety if it’s not correctly applied.
Apply it the right way - Always apply the sindoor with steady hands to prevent it from falling off. Trickled sindoor looks untidy; therefore, apply the sindoor with your fingers; you can use a sindoor stick to ensure that the application is perfect.

KumKum Powder
How to Use:

Kumkum is used during the Puja purpose.