Manna Health Mix

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Manna health mix is made with the traditional wisdom of millets and blended to perfection with 14 cereal, pulses, and nuts to give a nourishing breakfast for your family.

It is packed with the goodness of 100% natural multigrain without any preservatives, artificial colours, and added sugar. Boosts stamina and bones in growing children, it is also ideal for growing children as it is easy to digest. This Health Mix also beneficial for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


Millets and Cereals: 82% (Ragi, Bajra, Corn, Jowar, Wheat, Red Rice, Barley) Pulses:12% (Fried Gram, Green Gram), Sago, Groundnut, Cardamom, Almonds, Cashewnuts.

How to Use:
Take 30g(3 tbsp) of Manna Health Mix.