Namo Candy - Peanut Chikki (1+1 free!)

Size: 170 g

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What makes Namo Candy special ?

No liquid glucose.

We do not use corn starch and any chemical content in our product for flavouring or increasing the longevity of the product. Namo candies are purely natural, the only flavouring we use here is dried ginger and cardamom powder.

No chalk powder.
Whaaaaat? Most of you all will be shocked to hear this. Candy manufacturers use chalk powder, the one that is used in tyre vulcanisation process, to remove the candies easily from the wooden plates,once the cutting process is done. Here chalk powder acts as the base layer to prevent the candies from sticking to the plates. And also it helps to cool the Chikki from 320°c to 150°c in just 5 minutes.

It reduces manufacturing time and increases the volume manufactured per day. Terrible isn't it? Now you understand the reason behind the white powdery layer on top the Chikki. Do you know when we surveyed on what people think about this white layer on top of Chikki, we were also shocked to know that many people believed that the Chikki with the chalk powder layer is fresh. So, we realised that it is our duty to educate our customers.

Why we don't need acidity regulators?

Many snack manufacturers use citric acid to extend shelf life of their products. This citric acid creates acidity in humans. So they use acidity regulators to fight back acidity. We, Namo Candy, avoid citric acid and acidity regulators as well since our product shelf life is dependent only on the aluminium foil packaging.
  • No sugar added
  • Glucose free
  • Chalk powder free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Aluminium foil packed
  • No hybrid nuts