National Green Chilli Sauce

Size: 300 g

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National Green Chilli Sauce adds spice to any snack. This sauce enhances the flavours of your favourite Chinese dishes. Your evening snacks taste much spicy and hot with this sauce.


Tomato Paste 20%, Sugar, Salt, Stabilisers (ins 1422&ins 415), Acidity Regulator (ins 260),preservatives Ins 211, Spices & Condiments Contains Class Ii Preservatives

Nutritional Facts:

Energy-60kcal, Total Carbohydrates- 14g, Protein - 0.5g, Fat All Types- 0.2 g

How to Use:

Spread National green chilli sauce with the help of table knife onto bread/omelette or take a small quantity in a bowl and dip chips/pakoda/bajjis or any other snacks as you wish.