Nirapara Palakkadan Long Grain Matta Rice



      Palakkadan Matta Rice (also known as the Rosematta Rice, Kerala Red Rice, or Red Parboiled Rice) is an indigenous variety of rice grown in Palakkad District of Kerala. It is different from regular brown rice.

      It is widely used in Kerala and Sri Lanka on a regular basis and is the tastiest among the group. Kerala Matta rice is very rich in the content of nutrients and is very unique in its taste and colour.


      Palakkad Matta Rice.

      How to Use:


      Rinse the rice once or twice in running cold water and drain the excess water.
      soak the rice in water and place the container in the microwave till it’s fully cooked and soft enough. cooking time varies depending on the type of microwave and container used. Suggested only for a small serving of rice. Boiling time of rice can vary depending on the type of paddy used for processing.