Are we (dbanyan's) sustainable ?

Are we (dbanyan's) sustainable ?

What is sustainability?
In simple terms, sustainability means "staying put". Leaving things where they were!

Sustainability is not a trend but our core responsibility against obsessive consumerism.
  • Eating just what our body needs
  • Buying what we need instead of want
  • Delaying instant gratification
  • Being conscious of our energy use and environment

Basically to be aware of.

At Dbanyan, we do have sustainability goals. But we have to sacrifice one to achieve another. What to sacrifice depends on its relative weight.

We start with packaging - packaging being one of our face towards the customer.
We strive to remove plastics in our packages step by step.
Since on cost basis, there is no real alternative to plastics, we have to either push the difference to total consumer cost or bear the margin cuts ourselves. In this case, we are proud to cut our margins to be sustainable (a tiny bit!).