What the heck is banyan rewards!

What the heck is banyan rewards!

banyan rewards are our carefully crafted incremental customer rewards program where we have put a lot of emphasis on customer orientation.

In essence, the rewards program is a very simple point based discount system. Points being banyan’s (Really!)

banyans can be earned in every possible interaction either in our webshop or physical shop.

Even better, banyans are seamlessly integrated/earned right from visiting our shop (offline/online) until checkout.

Just to name a few ways,

  • Earn banyans for opening an account in our online shop
  • Earn banyans for referring your friend
  • Earn banyans for every € spent
  • Earn banyans for sharing/following our social channels

Spending is as easy as earning.

Redeem your unlocked discounts by simply copying the generated discount code in check out page. Voila! There you have it.