Annam Chia Seeds

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The Aztecs boast the first record of Chia as early as 3500 B.C. In Mayan, “chia” means “strength.” These civilizations believed that the chia seed provided supernatural powers. Their warriors attributed their stamina to this tiny seed.

The prevalence of Chia continued for quite some time. Later, between 1500 and 900 B.C, it was grown in Mexico by the Teotihuacan and Toltec people. These people had some surprising uses for the chia seed.


100% Chia Seeds.

How to Use:
  • Simply add Chia to everything you eat to reduce the glycemic load in any recipe.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of Chia to smoothies, desserts, yogurt, berries or on top of salads. You can take up to 5 tablespoons of Chia per day. Be sure to drink adequate water.