Garam Bio Paneer

€2,80 €3,75
Size: 250 g


Bio – Paneer from Garam Foods is made with just two natural organic ingredients  Organic milk sourced locally and Organic lemon juice.  Garam Foods Bio-Panner is really fresh as it takes maximum of three days from production reach the shop shelves with weekly fresh stocks. This makes our Paneer,  best in terms of quality, taste and freshness. 
Rooted in Indian cuisine, paneer is a time-tested, naturally nutrient rich high-protein cheese which is favorite for millions around the world. It’s a fresh cheese which has a soft and creamy texture that doesn’t melt. Paneer is rich in healthy fats that keep you full longer. Plus, it’s all natural, organic and completely gluten free. It has no added cultures or rennet. The cheese got little to no sugar or carbs.