TRS Chilli Powder Extra Hot



Red Chilli is well known for its flavour and aroma. These chillies are renowned all over the world for it’s pungency and colour. A moderate amount of chilli can bring out the best flavour in your dish. Although these chillies, has a unique sharpness and taste.
Nutritional Facts:
  • Calories: 200,
  • Carbs: 50 g,
  • Fat: 0 g,
  • Protein: 0 g.
How to Use:

It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, tomato sauce, soups and stews in whole, crushed and powdered forms as required by the recipe.

  • Great for a healthy diet.
  • Improve your skin regime.
  • The perfect cure for a stressful week.
  • Lower your body temperature.
  • Natural source of iron.
  • Balance blood sugar levels.
  • Improve your immune system.
  • Pain reliever, digestive and ulcer preventative.