TRS Poppy Seeds White



Khus Khus also known as poppy seeds is obtained from the opium plant and has culinary uses. They have a peculiar nutty taste, they are highly recommended when you need to add a nice aroma to any cuisine.

They are very tiny seeds, much smaller in size than mustard and are both dull white and black in colour.

Nutritional Facts:
  • Calories: 50,
  • Carbs: 3 g,
  • Fat: 4 g,
  • Protein: 2 g.
How to Use:

Ready to use. 

  • Poppyseeds play a pivotal role in boosting female fertility.
  • Poppyseed is effective in inducing sleep.
  • Being rich in copper and calcium, Poppy seeds help in improving bone health.
  • Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble fiber and help in straightening the digestive system and treating constipation effectively.