Native Food Store Castor Oil

Size: 100 ml

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100% pure, natural, vegan and cold-pressed Soulflower Castor Oil softens your dry-damaged skin and hair by providing in-depth nourishment, lightens the appearance of ageing signs and helps eyebrows grow thicker and fuller.

For Skin: Castor seed oil is thick but can be easily absorbed and semi-sticky. It works best for skin nourishment to hydrate and softens skin. Vitamins and other nutrients contents in castor oil help with dark circles around your eyes, control acne, pigmentation, and ageing signs, fades scars, blemishes, and other marks soothe skin irritations and give you beautiful flawless skin.

For Hair: Castor seed oil is commonly used for giving a strong, healthy, attractive shine to your hair. It gives overall nourishment to your hair, restores and strengthens damaged strands, treats scalp infections and prevents premature greying. This oil is also widely used and known for healthy and thicker eyebrows.



How to Use:
  • Apply Soulflower Castor Oil and massage directly on skin or hair. Massage gently. You can blend this oil with any Soulflower oil if you find it too thick
  • Blend 4-5 drops of any Soulflower Essential Oil in 1-2 teaspoons of Castor Pure oil and apply for additional benefits
  • Rub your lip with 1-2 drops, wipe away any excess.
  • Remove nail polish, apply a drop directly on each nail, and rub nail bed & cuticle.


  • Ideal for thicker eyebrows
  • 100% Pure & Natural cold pressed castor seed oil
  • In-depth nourishment for all skin and hair types
  • Free From preservative chemicals, synthetic colour or fragrance
  • Beautiful skin begins with natural skincare
  • Enhance your makeup while improving your skin
  • Look & feel good, inside-out
  • Refine your skin pre, post and during makeup
  • Extends mascara life, strengthen and volumises your eyelashes
  • An overnight treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows