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It's great to be at the Indian toko! You will only find the most delicious Indian products here. At our store in Eindhoven you will find truly authentic Indian products, products that are actually produced in India. We only sell the best herbs, fresh vegetables and fruit, spices, oils and of course rice.

In our Indian toko you have a wide choice of authentic Indian products

In our Indian to, you can choose from a wide range of authentic Indian products at very affordable prices. Are you looking for the best rice, a Biryani recipe or are you looking for your favorite snacks? Then you've come to the right place in our Indian toko. Also, for lemon tea, for example, it is wise to come to our Indian toko in Eindhoven. We really have everything to offer, from Sambar to Shahi Paneer. We always offer you the best options.

Indian toko

You can always count on the best and expert support

When choosing the best products, you can always count on our support for that matter. Are you ordering something from our Indian toko and have you made that order before 4pm? Then you can be sure that we will ship the order the same day. If you are planning to do business with us, it will be easy. We have conveniently classified our products for you in fresh products, Masalas and spices, Oil and Ghee, Sweets and snacks, Pulses, grains and millets and rice and rice products. Also, for the best frozen foods you are always at the right place.

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An especially strong tea

A fine example of one of the products we can offer is Tata Kanan Devan. This is classic tea and above all very strong tea. This tea is handpicked and grown in the Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar at an altitude of 5600 meters. You simply bring fresh water to a boil and add a pinch of tea leaves. It is up to you to then add some milk and sugar to taste. In all cases, you always buy very fresh products from us. The products are also very affordable. Have you never been to an Indian restaurant? Then it's time to try making some Indian dishes.

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