Annam Saffron

Size: 1 g
Saffron has a pleasantly bitter flavour. It's a cooling spice. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world. 225,000 stigmas of the crocus flower go to make one pound of saffron. The Greeks and Romans used saffron to perfume their baths. Saffron is also useful as a dye.
Found in the Mediterranean area, Spain is the main exporter. Indian saffron is cultivated chiefly in the Jammu & Kashmir valley. Moderate climate, organic-rich soil, excellent drainage in the valley make Indian saffron superior to its foreign counterparts. 

How to Use:
Saffron is much used in Indian Moghlai dishes, biryani, pulav, Kesari chicken, Kesari Kulfi etc. Saffron need to be soaked in a little warm water or milk to infuse.