Bottle Gourd/Lauki

Size: 500 g


With the common household name 'Lauki', Bottle gourds come in different shapes and sizes. Considered as one of the healthiest vegetables around, the flesh of bottle gourds are full of water and taste slightly bitter.

  • Bottle gourds keep the body hydrated and assist in weight loss.
  • They treat urinary tract infection and sleeping disorders while reducing liver inflammation, easing digestion and safeguarding hair against premature greying.
How to Use:
  • To keep it as fresh and healthy as possible, store the entire gourd in a plastic bag or sealed container and refrigerate.
  • Chopped gourds can be stored in a glass or steel container and refrigerated.
  • They can be used to prepare curries, dals and even sweets.
  • For your morning breakfasts, try bottle gourd dosa instead of the normal one for a healthy change.