Haldiram's Aloo Tikki (Frozen)

Size: 420 g

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Aloo Tikki is a traditional crispy potato patties stuffed with lentils and spices, served with Sweet and Spicy Chutneys. Aloo Tikki is among the most popular street food snack in India.


Aloo Tikki: Potato, Refined Sunflower Oil, Split Yellow Lentils, Maize starch powder, Green peas, Salt, Split Chick peas, Fresh Ginger, Green Chilli, Spices, and Cashew

How to use:

For best results cook from frozen. Thawing is not required.

Deep Fry: Fry frozen Aloo Tikki in hot oil on medium heat (170-180 degree C) for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown. Drain and server with Khatti Meethi & Pudina Chutney.