Haldiram's Sweet - Rasgulla

Size: 1 kg


Rasgulla is a syrup based dessert that has a soft and spongy feel. A Bengali favourite, this is a popular Indian sweet dish. Haldirams has been known to recreate the magic of several traditional sweets and savouries.

The Rasgulla is one of its high quality products that comes packed in a tin and is ideal for dessert time.


The spongy ball of this dessert is prepared with the help of paneer like chhena and semolina which are kneaded into a dough and then turned into the yummy dumpling we know as Rasgulla. This tin also contains a syrup made of sugar, water and rose water.
How to Use:

This product is the ideal dessert that can be taken after meals. It is also perfect for entertaining. The fresh taste of this traditional sweet makes it perfect for festive occasions as well. It can also be turned into desserts with fruity syrups.