Haldiram's Samosa

Size: 200 g

Haldiram's is a renowned brand in the Indian food industry. It is a well known name for one of a kind street food and savoury packages as well as traditional Indian sweets. This brand brings you one of India's favourite tea time snacks the samosa. And whats more, this pack will give you a quaint, bite sized version of the delicious treat!


These mini samosas contain a variety of tantalising ingredients that give it that delicious edge.

The pastry is made up of 57% refined wheat flour and peanut and corn vegetable oil, while the filling inside has potato flakes seasoned with 4% split green gram, 2% cashew, 2% raisins, salt, sugar and plenty of Indian condiments including a hearty pinch of cardamom and red chillies.

How to Use:

This savoury snack can be taken while at home, at work or even when you are travelling. The yummy treats combine best with tea or a cold beverage on a hot day!