MDH Deggi Mirch Powder

Size: 100 g

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MDH deggi mirch is made from the finest chilies. It not only imparts a spicy hot flavor to cooked dishes, but also lends a wonderful rich red color. This spice is also replete with nutrients which are good for your health. Coming from the house of MDH, which is known for its vast offering of spices, this masala is a must for Indian kitchens.
A 100 gm pack of MDH deggi mirch contains a fine powder of freshly dried red chilies that have been hand-picked from the healthy and thriving red chili plant. The chilies are dried, crushed and packed in super hygienic conditions. Each particle of the powder is super fine and of uniform size.
Nutritional Facts:
MDH Deggi Mirch is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Furthermore, red chillies are also excellent for their weight-reducing properties.