MTR Gulab Jamun Mix



Enjoy the mouthwatering flavours of MTR Foods’ Gulab Jamuns anytime, anywhere. These traditional Indian sweets are suited to every occasion and every celebration. In true MTR Foods’ tradition, you can serve it with minimum inconvenience and maximum delight! With simple step-by-step instructions, you'll bring this hallmark dessert to life instantly.


Refined Wheat Flour, Milk Solids (18%), Edible Vegetable Fat, Raising Agent (Ins 500(ii)), Acidity Regulator (INS 296).

How to Use:
  • Add 1/4 measure of water gradually to 1 measure of MTR Gulab Jamun mix and knead gently into a smooth dough.
  • Keep aside for 5 minutes.
  • Apply oil/ghee on both palms, then shape the dough (above step) into balls.
  • Deep fry in oil/ghee over a low flame until golden brown.
  • Soak the fried Gulab Jamuns in hot sugar syrup (20 min) until they completely absorb the syrup and serve.

Sugar Syrup

Add equal measures of sugar and water then boil for 5 minutes. This pack needs 250 g of sugar and 250 ml of water.