Native Food Store Foxtail Millet Whole

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Foxtail Millet is a source of vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium. It also increases concentration and memory.

It aids in weight loss, promotes good digestion and protects bone and muscle health. Millet is usually boiled, but it is also delicious when roasted. In the latter case, you will get a nutty flavor. It has a powerful aroma and is a good alternative to other cereals. Moreover, millet is naturally gluten-free.

  • It is high in carbohydrates, rich in dietary fiber and minerals such as copper and iron.

  • Proper functioning of the nervous system - One of the most important functions of foxtail millet is maintaining good nervous health. Nowadays neural ailments are a serious concern for many including kids to adults. Fits in kids, nervous weakness, diabetic neuropathy which involves tingling sensations all over the body, burning sensation in the feet during night times, etc, infants unable to balance their head at 8 months, etc are some of the common nervous system ailments. The brain plays a crucial role in maintaining good neural health, diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Bells Palsy are some of the serious disorders due to brain function impairment.

  • It helps us keep our body strong and immune, to keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.

  • Protects Bone health and muscle health - Foxtail millet is a good source of Iron and Calcium.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels and helps lower blood cholesterol level.