Okra/Ladies Finger/Dharosh

Size: 250 g


  • Ladies' finger is a green vegetable with a tip at the end and a lighter green head, which is inedible and to be thrown away. It tastes mild and slightly grassy.
  • Ladies' finger or okra is a popular vegetable that is nutritious and has a high fibre content. It contains both soluble as well as insoluble fibres and is used in various recipes. The best way to select ladies' finger is to look for smaller pods as they are tender. These also taste better. The brighter coloured ones and those that are unblemished, and firm are the best quality lady's finger. The ladies' fingers are sourced directly from the farmers and brought to the shelves carefully, ensuring that the vegetable maintains its freshness and nutrients.
  • Ladies' finger aids in digestion as it contains prebiotic fiber and controls obesity and cholesterol.
  • It is loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, and traces of Zinc & Calcium
How to Use:
  • Refrigerate them and do not wash them until they are ready to use.
  • Ladies' fingers are used in curries, sambhar and can be fried, stuffed, and cooked.