Parle Biscuits - Hide & Seek Fab Strawberry

Size: 112 g

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Parle Strawberry flavored biscuits that come in a wonderful flavor when you experience the bites all over it. Discover the tasty, lip-smacking cream in a superior quantity regularly spread and sliced covering all the four corners that offers vast enjoyment while having it. Grab with enjoyment the best in flavor Strawberry flavoured Parle Hide & Seek Fab Choco Chip Cookies.


Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil and Edible, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Chips(10.7%) [Sugar, Edible Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Solids, Emulsifiers (322) and Added Flavour (Artificial Flavoring Substances - Vanilla)], Invert Syrup, Cocoa Solids (1.3%), Leavening Agents [503(ii), 500(ii)], Starch, Salt, Emulsifiers [322, 471 & 481(i)] and Dough Conditioner [223].

Nutritional Facts:

Amount Per 100g (Approx.), Carbohydrate 70.5g, of which sugars 41.0g, Protein 4.0g, Fat 22.7g, Energy 502 kcal.