Raw Mango

Size: 250 g


  • Raw mango is a sweet-smelling fruit which is liked by al for its tart flavor.
  • The colour varies in shades of greens and the inner flesh is white in colour. 
  • It is very rich in Vitamin C. They also have trace amounts of Vitamin B, K and E.
  • Product image shown is for representation purpose only, the actually product may vary based on season, produce & availability.
  • Raw mangoes are rich source of Vitamin C, thus it is helpful to cure bleeding gums.
  • Eating piece of raw mango helps to overcome constipation, loose motions and indigestion.
  • Eating mango with salt helps to overcome thirst and beat sunstroke.
How to Use:
  • Store mangoes at room temperature.Raw Mango pulp is pressure cooked with salt, jaggery or sugar.
  • Raw mango juice is used to prepare squash and flavour sambhar or dals as well.