Regal Chevda Mixture

Size: 400 g

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A delicious blend of savoury noodles, puffed rice and green peas, flavoured with chilli, turmeric, fennel seed and cloves. A family favourite savoury snack that can be enjoyed by itself or with tea. Prepared from only plant-based ingredients - suitable for vegetarians.

Chevda Mix by Regal Foods is made from the finest of ingredients. It consists of traditional dried ingredients and a tantalising seasoning prepared to a traditional recipe. Chevda mix is one of the most widely consumed savoury snacks in the UK.


Rice, Peanuts, chana dal, lentil, raisin, (raisin, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), potato, gram flour noodle, (gram flour, maize flour), rapeseed oil, salt, chilli, turmeric, fennel seed, cloves.

Nutritional facts:

(Per 100g)

Energy (kJ) - 2117
Energy (kCal) - 508
Fat - 34.5
of which Saturates - 4.4
Carbohydrates - 31.8
of which sugars - 2.2
Protien - 17.6
Fibre - -
Salt - 2.77