Shan Memoni Mutton Briyani Masala

Size: 60 g


Shan Memoni Mutton Biriyani Masala is a mixture of some other spices. You can add it in your curry and get more spicy.

A recipe is provided on the box, and a prepared dish will serve 6-8 persons. One of our Best-Sellers!

Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd. knows that sub-continental cuisine is a very delicate art. Ever since they debuted the spice mix to the sub-continental consumer in the 80s, their ingredients have been meticulously selected and blended to ensure the right combination for perfect results every time.


Salt, Turmeric, Paprika, Red Chilli, Dill Seed, Papain, Green Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove, Brown Cardamom, Cumin, All Spice, Ginger, Garlic, Natural & Artificial Food Flavour (Thatch Screw Pine)

How to make Memoni Biryani Masala:


Beef with bones 750 gm
Rice 750gm (washed, 30 mins soaked)
Onion 3-4 or 300 gm (medium, finely sliced)
Potato 4 or 500 gm (medium, peeled and halved into two)
Tomato 3-4 or 300 gm (medium, omlet cutting)
Curd 1-1/4 cup or 250 gm (whipped)
Garlic paste 1 tbsp
Ginger 3 tbsp
Green chilies 10 (medium/large/whole)
Lemon juice 3-4 tbsp or 2 lemons
Oil/clarified butter 1-1/2 cup or 250 gm
Shan Memoni Mutton biryani Masala 1 packet


1. Fry onion light golden brown into hot oil/clarified butter.
2. Put mutton, garlic and ginger fry for a minute.
3. Then add shan memoni mutton biryani masala and curd, fry a few minute more.
4. Add 3-4 cup water and potatoes cook covered until mutton tenders.
5. Then add tomato, green chili and lemon juice stir to mix and remove.
6. Separately put 10 glass of water.
7. And add soaked rice, boil to ¾ tender then remove and drain water.
8. Now lay ¾ rice and spread, put prepared mutton on rice the lay remaining rice.
9. Cover and simmer till rice tender on low flame.
10. Mix rice and mutton well before serving and serve with salad and raita and eat with sunnah way.
11. For real Akni Pulao: Follow above recipe and at step 2 add 1-1/2 cup gram lentil.