Snake Gourd

Size: 250 g


  • Snake gourds are true to their name as they have a long, curved shape with light green speckles and a waxy green skin.
  • Their firm flesh is embedded with seeds and they taste like cucumber and have a slightly bitter taste.
  • The fruits are orange in colour when ripe and pulpy red after complete ripening.
  • Snake Gourds are diuretic and increases urination that helps detoxify the body.
  • They improve digestion and increase hydration.
  • It also improves the respiratory system functions and stimulates growth of new hair.
How to Use:
  • Keep snake gourds in a plastic bag or in an air tight container and refrigerate.
  • Snake Gourds are added to various Indian dishes like curries, dal and sambar, avial.
  • They can be grilled and stuffed with other vegetables too. Also made into pickles and chutneys