Top Op Candy Sugar/Kalkandu

Size: 100 g


Top op candy sugar tables are known for their sweet taste and unique features. The product is natural, pure and chemical-free with no impurities. It is considered as healing sugar and contains the natural goodness of vitamins and minerals present in sugarcane extract which is hygienically packed.

Nutritional facts:

  • Calories: 387,
  • Carbs: 100 g,
  • Fat: 0 g,
  • Protein: 0 g.

How to use:

Ready to eat.


  • Rock Sugar is a miracle ingredient with healing properties that can ease the common Cold and Cough rapidly.
  • Rock Sugar is an apt candy, you can have it after an elaborate meal that promotes digestion.
  • Candy Sugar is an instant source of energy, that refreshes your dull mood and boosts your energy during post-menopausal mood swings.