Udhaiyam Orid/Urad Dal - White Whole

Size: 1 kg

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Urad Whole is creamy white and somewhat bland. It has fine taste and holds significant importance as a staple diet in several parts of the country. It is one of the greatest plant supplies of protein. Minerals such as magnesium, iron, folic acid and potassium and vitamin B, are also present. 


Urad Dal helps boost the energy levels in the body and keeps you active. It is a protein-rich dal for vegetarians and for strong bones and a healthy body, have urad dal. It is good for digestion and also prevents constipation. It helps increase hair growth as well.

How to use:

Urad dal is popularly soaked and ground to makes batter for dosas, idlis, vadas, etc. It is used in chutneys, curries and sometimes too make desserts as well.