Uncle Blue Chipps Plain

Size: 50 g

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Uncle Chipps is warm, playful, lively, companionable and traditional at heart, just like the good-natured uncle everyone in the family relates to and no family gathering is complete without!

Nutritional Information:
(Per 100g)

  • Energy kcal 566
  • Protein g 7,0
  • Total Carbohydrate g 50,
  • of which Sugars g 1,
  • Total Fat g 38,
  • Saturated Fat g 18,
  • Trans Fat g 0,1
  • Sodium mg 661


Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein Oil), Salt (1.5%).


  • Made from the best quality potato
  • Seasoned with exotic spices
  • Scrumptiously crunchy and spicy in flavour
  • Perfect anytime and anywhere hunger partner or accompaniment to hot or cold drink