Uncle Soya Chaap (Masala)

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Size: 850 g

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Soya Chaap Sticks rich in high-quality soya flour blended with wheat protein which forms a perfect combination of healthy and tasty food products. That can be used for making various snacks to main course dishes. The Chaap Sticks are delicious and versatile, as it can be consumed with any dish. 


Wheat, Soya Bean Flour, Gluten, Salt & Water

Nutritional Facts:

  • Energy 445kcal
  • Fibre 3.0 g
  • proteins 14.6g
  • Carbohydrates 7.5g
  • Sugar 1.8g
  • Fats1.5 g
  • Salts 0.404g
How to Use:

Anytime snack