Yippee Noodles - Magic Masala

Size: 270 g


ITC entered the instant noodles segment with the launch of Sunfeast Yippee! in 2010. The sourcing and blending expertise that has made Aashirvaad Indias No 1 branded Atta has been leveraged to create a delightful noodle block.
The block being round in shape does not need to be broken while cooking, providing really long slurpy noodles. A special scientific process ensures that the noodles do not lump even 30 minutes after cooking.


  • Instant Noodles: Refined Wheat Flour (Maida) (78.4%). Refined Palm Oil. Iodised Salt, Wheat Gluten (0.4%), Stabilizers [Ins 1700), Ins 339). Ins 450(1). Ins 45200). Thickener (Ins 412) And Acidity Regulators [Ins 5010. Ins 5000)
  • Seasoning: Masala Mix: Dehydrated Vegetables (Beans (9.5%). Carrot (7.1%), Onion (4.6%). Garlic (3.9%) And Cabbage (3.8%)]. Instant Noodle Powder (Refined Wheat Flour (Maida) (15.5%), Refined Palm Oil, Iodized Salt Wheat Gluten (0.08%), Stabilizers [Ins 1700). Ins 339). Ins 450(Iii). Ins 4520. Thickener (Ins 412) And Acidity Regulators [Ins 5010). Ins 5000]), Spices And Condiments (13.7%) Coriander. Cumin, Ginger. Chilli.Aniseed, Fenugreek, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Caraway, Cinnamon. Clove And Turmeric). Sugar, Iodised Salt, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. Yeast Extract. Acidity Regulator (Ins 330). Vitamin And Mineral Premix [Iron (Ferric Pyrophosphate. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Starch And Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)]. Flavour Enhancers (Ins 627, Ins 631) And Anticaking Agent (Ins 551). Contains Added Flavour(S) (Natural Flavours & Natural Flavouring Substances And Nature Identical Flavouring Substances)
Nutritional Facts:
(per 100 g)
  • Energy (Kcal) - 468
  • Protein (g) - 9
  • Fat (g) - 20.1
  • Carbohydrates (g) - 62.6 - Of which Sugar (g) - 3
How to Use:
  • Boil 250 ml water (approx 2 cups) add the block without breaking to get long noodles.
  • Add Masala mix.
  • Turn the block over to wet all strands